Cover to Cover: The Fault in Our Stars, Ch. 11 Part 2

Still really excited to be here, guys.


I think I made it clear last week how much I hate this chapter. It’s one of 3 posts so far that I’ve had zero fun making, and get very little joy out of reading because the content is just such a slog to get through.

I couldn’t quite put it into words then — I just kept saying it was “bad” but didn’t know how. And sure, some of it is the insane unreality of Amsterdam, a lot of it is Sunshine’s obnoxious waffling, and Mr. Psycho always makes me want to die, but I didn’t realize the chapter’s biggest sin until my friend Jen pointed it out: it’s boring. Like, “sitting through a 3-hour lecture on how to fill out taxes” boring.

And that is what makes it so hard to talk about. Stupid is funny, but boring is just miserable. In fact, I sat down to write this post and then decided I couldn’t do it and went to play Minecraft instead, claiming I was doing it “for the blog.”

It was time well spent, clearly.

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Cover to Cover: The Fault in Our Stars, Ch. 11 Part 1

I know, I skipped last week because I was traveling. And because this chapter is just horrible.

My reaction to the idea of talking about it.
The hours leading up to this post.

They finally get to Amsterdam, which should be a cause for celebration but isn’t, because everything there seems to be conspiring to make me hate the Netherlands and everyone who lives there. Words cannot properly describe the level of stupidity and pandering that this chapter reaches, but I promise you, it’s dumber than what you’re imagining.

It’s bad, is what I’m saying.

Please don't make me do this. I had a hard week.
Please don’t make me do this. I had a hard week.

And the worst part is that there’s so much garbage here, it’s definitely going to have to be split up into 2 chapters. Which means I get to spend twice as much time in this awful place, with these awful people.

It’s going to be a rough one, folks. If you thought last time was bad . . . you’re right, but this still sucks and I don’t wanna do it.

Damn you Greeeeeeeeeen!
Damn you Greeeeeeeeeen!

Okay, enough procrastinating with gifs. Let’s get this over with.

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Cover to Cover: The Fault in Our Stars, Ch. 10 Part 2

It’s 7:30 on a Saturday night, first real day of spring break. The night is young, the cool kids are out partying, and I’m . . . sitting in my parents’ living room, wearing pajamas and preparing to engage for the fifteenth time with John Green.

Shoutout to the other party people out there. (P.S. You have no idea how difficult it was to sit in a chair and pose in a way that showed off the pajamas. There was lots of balancing-laptop-on-one-foot and nearly-dropping-laptop-on-the-dog going on.)
Shoutout to the other party people out there. (P.S. It was so hard to sit in a chair and pose in a way that showed off the pajamas. There was a lot of balancing-laptop-on-one-foot and nearly-dropping-laptop-on-the-dog going on.)

Why do I do this to myself? Out of love for you, my darling readers, without whom I’d just be an insane person screaming into the night about how terrible The Fault in Our Stars is and wondering whether they’ll get to Amsterdam before my bones turn to dust.

Besides, the next episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race doesn’t air until Monday and there’s only so many times I can watch Season 6 before even I must admit I have a problem.

(Seriously though, how perfect is she?)

Okay, fine. I’ll write about the stupid chapter even though it makes me hate everything. Let’s get this over with.

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The Giddy Owl: Elsa’s Having A Baby!

The Giddy Owl is one of the snarkiest, funniest bloggers I’ve read in a while. Everyone should experience this.

The Giddy Owl

For the billions of you out there that for some reason actually like Disney’s Frozen and will probably go see Cinderella just so you can see the Frozen short, you’ll probably enjoy this.

Congratulations, Elsa’s having a baby girl!


Now I’m sure you’re thinking, “We’re not all night owls, Giddy Owl, so what gives about this stupid little ga–”

Picture 2

This has got to be one of the strangest baby games I’ve ever played. It’s this weird mesh between trying to be medically accurate but at the same time manages to be wildly inaccurate because it’s a game based off a Disney movie. That and I can’t believe Elsa made a maternity version of her “I’m going to be the Queen of Forever Alone” gown.

We start off with the story, which is in the summary and not the game itself. Elsa’s expecting and hasn’t been feeling too well as of…

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Cover to Cover: The Fault in Our Stars, Ch. 10 Part 1


Shhh, kids, Aunt Casey has a headache, a cold, and something in her contact. Try to keep it down.

I didn’t do a blog last week, and I’m sorry. I know how you little puppies pine when I’m gone, but I was sick and now midterms are happening and apparently I was only allowed 3 days of health before getting sick again, but that doesn’t make the midterms any less present. If my immune system doesn’t get its act together, it’s not getting a raise. I’ll outsource its job to the pancreas; it hasn’t screwed up yet.

So I’ve spent the last 2 weeks curled up in a ball of stress and misery and junk food.

It was kinda nice, excepting all the misery.
It was kinda nice, excepting all the misery and stress.

In my defense, you got two blogs last . . . whenever I posted last. So really, I’m absolutely on time, unless you count the fact that this was supposed to come out on Saturday.

But we’re not going to count that, because I’m stuffed full of painkillers that haven’t started working yet. Let’s do this!

Okay, this is all the energy I can muster. It'll have to do.
Okay, this is all the excitement I can muster. It’ll have to do.

So you know that we’ve been trying to get to Amsterdam for weeks and weeks and weeks now. And in this chapter we finally get there!

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