Cover to Cover: The Fault in Our Stars, Ch. 16 . . .

Hey guys, guess what?


I found a graduation picture I actually look good in!

Oh, and I graduated, I guess.


But I had to start grad school last Tuesday, and it’s hard as dicks.

Like, my brain is pure mush right now.


Now don’t let that scare you, little babies who have to go off to graduate school in the near (or not-too-near) future; I’m taking condensed courses on things like metadata and curation and all sorts of stuff that won’t be terribly applicable as a grown-up. I’m sure you’ll be fine.

So in the midst of all this exhaustion and stress and information resource packages, to whom shall I turn to for comfort but that master of positivity and charm, Sir Jonathan of Greenington?

I told you. Mush.
These are the jokes, people. I told you: mush. Expect the gifs to do a lot of the heavy lifting.

Last week we enjoyed a pretty appalling chapter about Gus’ cancer doing . . . something, and how our main characters are just the worst people ever. It was a laugh riot.

This chapter is pretty depressing, because Gus is all cancer-y and not totally hateful, and it’s just . . . well . . .

I went over to his house about noon, after he had eaten and puked up breakfast. He met me at the door in his wheelchair, no longer the muscular, gorgeous boy who stared at me at Support Group, but still half smiling, still smoking his unlit cigarette, his blue eyes bright and alive.


So let’s get started!

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Cover to Cover: The Fault in Our Stars, Ch. 15

I know, I’m late. Mea culpa, my babies.

In my defense, I was a little busy graduating.

There was not a single flattering picture of graduation, but at least my friend is cute.
There was not a single flattering picture of me at graduation, but at least my friend is cute. And yes, I bedazzled the shit out of my grad cap; I wanted to line my gown with fake fur, too, but my friends said it’d be too much.

And then there was moving back home and enjoying my entire week of summer vacation, most of which was spent unpacking and preparing for grad school. Which starts tomorrow.

Boom! Bedazzled.
Boom! Bedazzled. The quote is from this beautiful man, btw.

In the midst of all of that, do you guys really think I wanted to spend my tiny sliver of freedom hanging out with John Green? I finally had time to read for pleasure, and you better believe I’ve been absorbing Terry Pratchett (drive-by review: good, but I’m used to better from him) and David Wong (drive-by: so intelligent and so, so funny) and C.S. Lewis (I’ll never agree with him on everything, but it’s a fascinating concept well-executed) until my eyes won’t recognize words anymore.

When I wasn’t playing video games, of course; I’m really enjoying Minecraft as usual, but Portal‘s a whole lot of fun and I wish I’d bought it sooner. I’m eyeing Outlast, too, but I think my lack of hand-eye coordination would be a serious detriment. Besides, owning a Mac means there are a lot fewer games available, which sucks because Grand Theft Auto V looks really —

Okay, fine. I’ll talk about The Fault in Our Stars.

speechless rage

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Cover to Cover: The Fault in Our Stars, Ch. 14 Part 2

It’s time for Cover to Cover: Let’s See if Anything Actually Happens This Time Edition!

Not likely, I know.
Not likely, I know.

Last week was nothing. Literally there were no interesting plot developments, character growth, or impromptu dance numbers from beginning to end, and it was only with the help of a lovely woman named Katie that I managed to get through it at all.

It was boring, is what I’m trying to say.

Luckily this time stuff . . . happens? I think? It’s kinda hard to tell with this novel, but I’m pretty sure we’re supposed to consider the second half of this chapter an entertaining and hilarious diversion.

Shut up, we have to do this.
This more accurately sums it up.

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Cover to Cover Guest Post: Katiedd

So Katie doesn’t have her own blog (sad), but as with The Giddy Owl and my boi Will, I wasn’t able to include everything they had to say. So I’m adding it here for people to reference if they want to know all of her thoughts that didn’t make it into the post.

I’ll be correcting spelling/grammar, but otherwise everything here — pictures, comments, etc. — is all hers.

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Cover to Cover: The Fault in Our Stars, Ch. 14 Part 1

Iiiiiiit’s FINALS WEEK!

I have no in-class exams, but I have to find the time to write a 12-page paper (which is gonna be more like 17), an 8-pager, a 6-pager, a no-specified-length-but-previous-ones-have-been-between-5-and-19-pages paper, and assemble a portfolio of my best work.

Oh, and find something funny to say about John Green’s ceaseless march of hideousness he calls a book.

jesus save me

But luckily I’m armed with about 7,000 drag queen gifs, because I am obsessed and they have the best reaction shots ever.

And you guys should know by that if I like something, it’ll feature heavily on the blog for the rest of ever. Example: I need her to win all of the awards. Drag race, Nobel Peace Prize, Pulitzer . . . all of them.

Anyway, last chapter some boring stuff happened. This chapter, they’re finally leaving Amsterdam and let’s hope they find a plot somewhere. It’ll probably have something to do with Gus’ totally-huge-shocking-OMGWTF-unexpected-and-cruelly-ironic death.

Sounds like fun, right?

But it gets better! Remember how I conned The Giddy Owl into wasting precious brain cells coming up with jokes for me? Well, it turns out there’s others willing to do that, too. (I swear, I’m not paying these people! They just keep showing up, like I’m laying food out for them.)

This week we’re joined by Katie, who I met on the TFioS imdb page, because when I’m not here hating John Green, I make sure to spread the gospel wherever I go.

I know, I'm amazing. (Also, why can't I find a racially-accurate image of Jesus? Also also, this is hilarious and better than anything I
I do it for you, my children. (Also, this is hilarious and better than anything I’ll be able to write.)

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