Animorphs Retrospective, Book 1: The Invasion (Part 1)


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Thanks to a long talk with my pal Taylor, I’m going through the entire Animorphs series, one book at a time!

Okay, maybe this has already been done, but it hasn’t been done by me. Which is a perfect reason for me to do it! I’m filling that me-shaped void in the Animorphs fandom and literary criticism.

So how is this going to work?

Basically, you can watch Taylor and I attempt to discuss this in a coherent and non-meandering fashion (spoiler alert: we’re not successful), on a podcast called Morphathon, hosted by Bibliomancy for Beginners. So that’ll consist entirely of the two of us shooting the shit about this series, and I will be in full fangirl freak-out mode for 54+ straight episodes.

I will also be writing all of my feelings in a written post, because my brain operates better in writing than speech. In general these will just be my opinions as I read through this series for the . . . 6th time in 13 years. It’ll only include my thoughts, because Taylor has his own blog and this is a place for me. I am the queen of my castle, and I will not have other people’s rational discourse getting in the way of my fangirling and snark.

If you’d like to read along, all of the books are available as PDFs here! You can always try buying them or checking your local library, but they’re getting harder to find, which is why I’ve saved all of the PDFs despite having my own collection.


Yes, it infuriates me that they don’t all fit on one shelf. And by 1 book, no less!

But anyway, time to get started with what I’ve been known to call The Best Children’s Series of All Time (subtitle: Eat It, Harry Potter). I last read it in high school, which was a time of naïveté and poor judgment. Will it be as good as I remember? Let’s find out!

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