New Here?


All right, I lied to you. I’m not actually a librarian (yet), I don’t even drink very much, and odds are almost all of these posts will be sober . . . though me sober is like other people drunk, but with slightly better grammar.

So really, not a single word in “The Drunk Librarian” is true (though I suppose you could make a compelling case for “the”). But it just sounds good, doesn’t it?

I’ll make a lot of jokes about drinking, because it fits the character, so if that kind of thing upsets you, you’re probably my dad. But try not to take it too seriously; how could someone with this name not pretend to be a lush?


My name is Casey; I’m a grad student pursuing information studies and hopefully soon either English or Business Administration, all in the name of someday librarian-ing (and deeply upset that there is no verb form of “librarian”). Amateur knitter, fanfiction guru, terrible dancer, struggling Christian.

Oh, and I’m a total geek.

I don't really have anything funny to say here. I just really like this picture, and sometimes a girl needs to feel purdy.
I don’t have anything funny to say here. I just really like this picture, and sometimes a girl needs to feel purdy.


I needed a place to rant about books, movies, and whatever helps happens to tickle my fancy. If something ends up here, consider my fancy tickled. Really, this is just a place to contain my insanity and shield it from loved ones.


I have grand aspirations, possibly grander than the reality. So provided I don’t abandon it or forget it exists, this blog will be broken up into the following categories:

1. Retrospectives: Let’s talk about all the books by Stephen King! The entire Harry Potter series! ANIMORPHS! These will be multi-post series in which I focus on a specific collection of works and give in-depth reviews, nostalgic rhapsodizing, and gif-filled rants about things I find awesome.

2. Reviews: Oh come on, you know what reviews are.

3. Drive-By Reviews: Monthly (or yearly, semester-ly, whenever I end up reading enough to fill a blog post) posts of everything I’ve read in that time period, each 140 characters or shorter.

4. Cover to Cover: When something offers too much material to be covered in a review/retrospective, I’ll go through each chapter and spork it with extreme prejudice. They are inspired by many similar brilliant and wonderful blogs out there, but I owe an especial debt to Let’s Read with Nella, a hilarious series of chapter-by-chapter reviews in a similar style. If you like my reviews, be sure to check her out!

5. Rants on just about anything my heart dreams of.

I’ll primarily be focusing on books, because they are particularly close to my heart, but I happen to be addicted to all forms of pop culture, so other stuff is going to creep in.

All blogs are in part inspired by the writing style of, and hopefully that sort of humor comes across.

The goal is to get one out every week (probably somewhere in the Friday-Sunday range because that’s where my free time lives), but it might be more or less often depending on what life is up to.


Wait, that implies someone’s going to be reading these! Sure, though I might not actually get to it. If you want to alert me to something particularly bad (or good), or just feel like shouting at me in a more private manner than the comments allow, fill this bad boy out and I’ll email you back:


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