Animorphs Retrospective, Book 1: The Invasion (Part 1)


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Thanks to a long talk with my pal Taylor, I’m going through the entire Animorphs series, one book at a time!

Okay, maybe this has already been done, but it hasn’t been done by me. Which is a perfect reason for me to do it! I’m filling that me-shaped void in the Animorphs fandom and literary criticism.

So how is this going to work?

Basically, you can watch Taylor and I attempt to discuss this in a coherent and non-meandering fashion (spoiler alert: we’re not successful), on a podcast called Morphathon, hosted by Bibliomancy for Beginners. So that’ll consist entirely of the two of us shooting the shit about this series, and I will be in full fangirl freak-out mode for 54+ straight episodes.

I will also be writing all of my feelings in a written post, because my brain operates better in writing than speech. In general these will just be my opinions as I read through this series for the . . . 6th time in 13 years. It’ll only include my thoughts, because Taylor has his own blog and this is a place for me. I am the queen of my castle, and I will not have other people’s rational discourse getting in the way of my fangirling and snark.

If you’d like to read along, all of the books are available as PDFs here! You can always try buying them or checking your local library, but they’re getting harder to find, which is why I’ve saved all of the PDFs despite having my own collection.


Yes, it infuriates me that they don’t all fit on one shelf. And by 1 book, no less!

But anyway, time to get started with what I’ve been known to call The Best Children’s Series of All Time (subtitle: Eat It, Harry Potter). I last read it in high school, which was a time of naïveté and poor judgment. Will it be as good as I remember? Let’s find out!

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The Internet is Weird: Sexy Edition

Well, this seems like a perfectly natural transition from the Christian post I just did made over 2 months ago.

To be fair, that one got pretty steamy.
To be fair, that one got pretty steamy.

As to why the long break . . . I don’t know what to tell you. I’m never on time for anything. My life is an endless parade of being late, where order rarely lasts more than 10 seconds and everything is confusion.

And in my defense, these things take like 4-5 hours a piece. Being this brilliant and witty requires work.

But this week we’re going to be talking about the saucy side of the Internet. And I think I’m uniquely qualified to comment on sexiness, since I’ve taken 3 whole pole dancing classes.

I'm basically a pro.
I’m basically a pro.

Anyway, if you thought our Lord and Savior was creepily fetishized, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Time to get into the real kinky stuff!
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The Internet is Weird: Christian Edition

I have a shopping problem.

Namely, that I like to do a lot of it. And have the income of a graduate student.

making it rain
Pictured: Not me, unless she’s raining receipts of things she didn’t need.

This minor addiction is made both better and worse by my discovery of a website called Wish. Ostensibly, everything on this site is dirt-cheap because you’re ordering directly from the manufacturers, and cutting out the middle man saves costs. Which is probably about 40% true, but it’s also really cheap because . . . well, it’s really cheap.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 6.36.28 AM

Yeah . . .
Yeah . . .

It’s a lot of fun, but only if you obey a few cardinal rules:

  1. Always look at the pictures uploaded by users.
  2. Never buy anything that doesn’t have pictures uploaded by users.
  3. Read the reviews — all of them.
  4. Memorize your measurements and don’t pay attention to sizing; they’re Chinese, which runs at least 1-2 sizes smaller than US.

I only break these rules like . . . half the time I buy stuff, so there’s another one I had to add:

  1. Expect everything you get to be crap.

In reality, I’ve bought 7 things so far, and of those, 3 have been better than I expected, 2 have met expectations, and 2 have been slight-to-significant disappointments. (One of which I got a refund for despite having been an idiot and not obeying #3, so that’s pretty cool. Also, if you know anyone who’s a Chinese XS-M, I have a super-cute dress for them.)

Okay, somehow this has turned into a review for the site. Don’t go on Wish: everything is cheap and it’s way too easy to fall into a shopping frenzy, because they reward purchases with discounts that only last a week, which if you’re me means that you have to buy something or else you’re throwing away free money . . . and next thing you know you’re living in a box drinking wine made by Hobo Joe, which you’re pretty sure is about 35% pee.

You don't want to emulate someone who voluntarily drank Ras-ber-itas. Trust me on this.
You don’t want to emulate someone who voluntarily drank something called a Raz-ber-rita. Trust me on this.

But if you have a shopping addiction and hate throwing away $20 a pop on cheap garbage, get this app. That way, you’re only spending $5 on cheap garbage. Just be prepared to develop a wishlist thousands of items long, full of things you probably will never buy.

For example, do I need a pair of tartan suspenders? Have I ever worn suspenders in my life? Do I see a situation in which I will benefit from tartan suspenders in any way? No, no, and not unless I successfully transform into a Magic Pixie Dream Girl. But I WANT THEM.
For example, do I need a pair of tartan suspenders? Have I ever worn suspenders in my life? Do I see a situation in which I will benefit from tartan suspenders in any way? No, no, no, and not unless I successfully transform into a Magic Pixie Dream Girl. But look at the great price! I WANT THEM.

Angst about how cute I used to be aside —

I was so skinny.
I was so skinny.

— one thing this site is great for is seeing what the Internet wants to buy. And the Internet, it turns out, is absolutely nuts. So let’s-a go!

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The Fault in Our Stars: Ch. 25, Part 1

So . . . life may have been a little rough the last few months. I’m not great at being all emotional and stuff, and people don’t come here for that, so let’s use an unfunny meme to explain my life since the last post:

October: Grad school is terrible and I hate everything! No time to blog, I got work to do.


November: I just got dumped. (Again. It was embarrassing.) Time to go man-hunting! I hear this online dating thing isn’t so bad . . .

The internet is a disgusting place filled with terrible people.

December: Fuck men. Cats are better.

There was a lot of looking at cats during this time. I consider it my Cheezburger phase.

January: I’ve been kinda bummed out lately. But you know, I really need to take this time to focus on myself and the things I enjoy, jump back into my hobbies. I was so happy last year when I got to focus on the things I love, like writing fanfiction, knitting, bloggi —

Oh, is it time for the Spring semester already? Well gee, I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time to fit that stuff in, especially since I’m not wasting time talking to those losers on online dating sites.

Not pictured: A great deal of time spent talking to losers on online dating sites. They were still terrible and I still hate the Internet.

March: Drag Race is starting again! Time to think about literally nothing else!

Spoiler alert: My favorite went home immediately. Be glad you missed that meltdown, because it wasn't pretty.
Spoiler alert: My favorite went home immediately. Be glad you missed that meltdown, because it wasn’t pretty. There was lots of crying and knitting my pain away.



May: Wow, what a wonderful semester! It was stressful, but I learned a lot, I’m inspired to be a librarian and help those in need, and I’m more physically and emotionally healthy than I’ve been in a long time. I even promised my friend Will that I’d finish this Fault in Our Stars blog. I feel so motivated!

Time to celebrate!



Yes, this is me after 2 drinks. It's very easy to be The Drunk Librarian when you're a total lightweight.
Yes, this is me after 2 drinks. It’s very easy to be The Drunk Librarian when you’re a total lightweight.


Right Now: . . . Fine. I guess it’d be pretty embarrassing to make it this far and not finish the thing properly.

Show me what you’ve got, Sunshine.

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Cover to Cover: The Fault in Our Stars, Ch. 24

It’s here. The Penultimate Peril.

No, that one was actually good.

You may have noticed that I’ve been a bit . . . absent these past few weeks.

It was only a month. No one noticed.
It was only a month. No one noticed.

Okay, there’s been a lot of drama in my life. What with graduating, starting and finishing a semester of grad school, getting comfy in my new job, starting, ending, and then awkwardly Frankenstein-style-resurrecting a relationship, and then beginning another semester left me with limited time or inclination to deal with any of Green’s bullshit. Plus there’s homework, and trying to reconfigure career plans, apply for a new Master’s (M.B.A., if you were curious), keep in touch with friends who are way less socially anxious and homebody-y than I am, and that Party Hard game is so unbelievably fun and the first game I’ve ever completed, let alone “perfected,” and I’ve just been too damn lazy, okay? There have been distractions both reasonable and unreasonable, and things got neglected. Including you, my poor little babies.

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Cover to Cover: The Fault in Our Stars, Ch. 23

It’s that time again!

No, not yet. Wait until the blog's over.
No, not that. Wait until the blog’s over.

Once again, we are ready to voyage into the beautiful and haunting world of John Green, where entitled little shits are treated like the Second Coming of Christ and somehow we’re expected to read the same chapter over and over without noticing.

But whatever. There aren’t any funerals or wakes or Facebook posts for her to be miserable about, so hopefully this will be slightly more bearable. Hey, for all we know this could be a great chapter, full of the insight and heartrending drama that we’ve been seeking in vain for months now!

We can hope, right?

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