The Internet is Weird: Sexy Edition

Well, this seems like a perfectly natural transition from the Christian post I just did made over 2 months ago.

To be fair, that one got pretty steamy.
To be fair, that one got pretty steamy.

As to why the long break . . . I don’t know what to tell you. I’m never on time for anything. My life is an endless parade of being late, where order rarely lasts more than 10 seconds and everything is confusion.

And in my defense, these things take like 4-5 hours a piece. Being this brilliant and witty requires work.

But this week we’re going to be talking about the saucy side of the Internet. And I think I’m uniquely qualified to comment on sexiness, since I’ve taken 3 whole pole dancing classes.

I'm basically a pro.
I’m basically a pro.

Anyway, if you thought our Lord and Savior was creepily fetishized, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Time to get into the real kinky stuff!
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